“My heart has been weeping all these years

Crying Hailing bleeding Groaning Lonely

Trying to look for who can smooth-en it

Seeing others enjoy life

But it, living in solitude

Wishing for something…

But one day a miracle will happen

That day, That very same day

Guess it will be awesome

The birds won’t hesitate to wake me up by their chi chi tunes

From the east, There will be a bright sparkling glow of the sun

It won’t cease to rise up

Earlier on, the sky would have been full of twinkling stars

And among them

One that shone brighter than others

Which I would have called it My dream Princess

Then afterwards had sweet dreams

And have a scrumptious breakfast

Before I tune on my radio

To listen to the sweet voice of a new born angel

Saying; Good morning my Love”


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