Once upon a time….

The story started I say,

I had set my wits; so attentive was I.

Okay, I thought my eyes were lying. Nope!

My heart had never failed me. It all began,

Under the roof, inside a room,

On top of the brown mahogany escritoire there she was

Seated relaxantly with a ready look and mesmerizing eyes.

Shush! i could not resist meritorious.

I opted to close my eyes for a while

And deep i was swallowed up in dreams;

Yes, I was probably building castles in air, maybe.

Then she stood; like statute, with slender at once body.

Whenever she walked, her pace; neither too fast nor too slow.

Big white eyes with mixed facial skin color that looked like;

A big black been thrown in a bowl full of milk. Shh!

Let me say she was a goddess. One that Africa has never had

Neither age to come will ever be. Hmm!

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