A Ballad for Shakina: A fallen Queen


She is the girl sitting next to me

Everyday she would come

Slam her bag on the table

Bang the computer in case it hesitated to start

Yawning continuously as if she never had breakfast

And I’ll sit there watching

Staring at her like statute

No single word coming from my mouth

It’s not that I was surprised

No. Not even did I consider it uncanny

But I admit I had begun to like it

It had formed part of my days

And without it doom and gloom will the day be

Day by day I started to like her

Not because of her actions any more

That had formed a strong root in my psych

But many things that can’t be ignored

Her gamine body

Stunning looks from her gleam eyes

Genial smile on her wide lips

Elegant walking style that was somehow infectious

Some may call me gallant

But it was her who took my heart away

Because she made me go gaga

One day Shakina came as usual

No bang no slam that day

My heart had to plead with her to do it

That it was a sign of knowing if she was happy

Still there was no response

Then she stood and towards me she came

Showing her white spiffy teeth

That never had I stopped admiring

And threw a white envelope on my table

Maybe a new style, I conjectured

‘You will continue rotting there’ she busted

It wasn’t a concern to me even if she called me hyena or cow

As long as she gave me her heart I had no problem

Then did I realized she had gotten a scholarship abroad

She was going to learn the white man’s magic

My eyes were dazzling as I build-up castles in the air

Knowing money will no more be a concern

I escorted her to catch a plane

Waving gaily towards me as I did the same

Though feeling pain in my heart

I watched the plane go guu guu like a small boy

Disappearing in the other end of the sky

And returned back to my work

No bang no slam a new lifestyle admitted

Not many days passed until I phoned her

‘I don’t speak bush any more I belong to a civilized world’

She said and bang the telephone again

Although I admitted to like the bang

It was not awesome that day

I needed an extra explanation ‘why’

Putting in remembrance

How we used to enjoy galantine and drink gin together

How we used to crunch garibaldi and enjoy the sound it made

How we used to play gavotted and let just the music flow

The many times she whispered how she loved me

Her kisses that set me in a whirlwind of emotions

Now she makes me look like a generation x

Not wanting any of me again

That I should wipe all those beautiful memories from me

Though it was hard I had no choice

Telephone number was changed

Civilized do no letter writing she had told me

After many years of traumatic pain

I received a call from the airport

Shakina my love was back

Leaving me in a tete-a-tete of whether to go or stay

But like I gave her farewell I should also do the welcoming

Maybe to see her for the last time and say goodbye

But what I saw left me staggered!

Is this Shakina or her phantom?

Two doctors stood there to support her not to fall

Take away your slapper from our land!

Is this now being civilized? I wondered.


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