Speaking the facts: I say as it is

Politics politicize politicians or is it politicians who politicize politics? Whichever comes first, but in today’s society politics is taking a totally different tunnel. Not like the olden days where only popularity was what mattered, nowadays, you need to be competent with your campaigning method and plus ignorance which is of a kind of heredity that is hard to be removed, the wrong person ends up getting the job.

Sometimes I wonder as I listen to some of the promises our politicians make and a fellow Mwananchi is there, still standing with empty stomachs while the sun burning up their jaded faces listening to imaginable speeches. Things which can’t be assured if they would be done or not. You need to open both your eyes and ears wide and if possible also your mind. This is just a campaigning period and politicians can promise anything which they think will ensure they get elected. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to them, no, not at all but what I mean is that you should make your mind fancy-free and enable the entrance of profitable things rather than being ruined by a selfish individual who only thinks of him/herself. After all politics can’t be complete without such.

Lets have an example here, a politician promises to avail funds for the youth in case the youth votes for him/her. I have no problem with enabling youth funds, that is in fact a very excellent idea, but what is a concern is how one will get access to those funds. If you go to borrow as an individual, there is a high chance you might be turned down if you doesn’t have a sure way of paying it or lets say security. One who goes there with a big name is more likely to get the funds than you who is coming from the ghetto even though you got bigger ideas of using the money. Those who have been there will definitely agree with me, fair dinkum!

Secondly, people are gifted in different ways. There is that person who can achieve much doing a maize-roasting business than selling a malimali shop while there is one who is better in opening the malimali business than maize- roasting, but who is more likely to be given funds? Definitely it is the one whose business sounds better like Malimali while the other will be despised and these is where we don’t get it right. Hence on choosing your leader, as youths, choose someone who has a clear distinctive plan of the process that will be undertaken to ensure proper distribution and you from the mtaa will have easy access to those funds.

Touching on the issues of living standards, this is all directed to availability of food and its prices. Why food? Because it is a basic need for survival. If the prices of food is high, definitely one will have to forgone other things such as entertainment, transport e.t.c to avail enough money to buy food and these is why we see workers moving in the streets asking for increased payments since you can’t expect them to reschedule their living styles all over sudden! If the prices of food are cheap, one will easily budget his/her income to best suit her needs but when food is expensive, expect the prices of other things also to increase.

I would certainly urge, as you choose your leaders, choose wisely. Somebody who has a complete clear set of plans for a better living. For an increase in price of 1kg of unga won’t affect the life of a politician. Food will continue being available on his table and if possible, a politician will quickly pass laws to increase his salary or use some other means to get money; you know these means. but what of a common Mwananchi? You will continue making noises in the streets asking for a salary increment without any success year come year go. Sorry!


2 comments on “Speaking the facts: I say as it is

  1. True. I concur with you bard. Let us not be controlled by the few coins they are throwing at us to vote for them. We will starve without them in the next five years.

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