MODERN LOVER’S LOUNGE – Starbucks is born


Eldoret has got its own place

I urge the world to come and see

Standing high and nigh

Stardom and gratuesque

So quiet with cool slight summer breeze

Winnowing wings of the wind flap

Beautiful butterflies flitting all over

Sweet jasmine scent smell

A painter will run out of ink

A poet short of words to describe

Even a mighty deity will agree with me

Just like the yellow radiance of the evening sun

In this so a wonder place heaven can’t be far

It’s a facsimile of Venus

Fairyland for couples

Felicitous for all ages


Best service awaits

Ample parking with leisure facilities

Executive employees who put customer interest at first

A place to quench the longing thirst

Infusing the joyride happiness

Putting the fabled real and fluffy

Your life wishes, making dreams come true

This is the place to be

This is ultimate heaven


Modern Lover’s Lounge – Starbucks is born