100-rosescido.jpgValentine February as most people call it, refer it to be month of love. It is the month where we show those we cherish-respect how we care for and love them. It is also a month in which garden keepers who have been busy tilling their gardens look forward to and flower makers earn extra cash due to the high demand for flowers; and maybe because flowers are symbols of love.

Philosophers have connected this month with the violet flower and those born at it, amethyst as their birth stone but from my point of view, i will recommend red rose since it is the most preferred type of flower by majority which is somehow attractive.

Thousands of men and women will converge in different locations such as restaurants, five star hotels, beaches or any other great site to share their love and those who can’t afford the first class kind of enjoyment will do anything to show those they love how they care for them, and I guess those who love adventure would like to do anything connected to mountain climbing or something connected to nature.

As I begun to examine and look out on all these people, I realized that majority of them were singles. Some were looking for people to hang out with while others did that just to put a smile on their faces for a day and kick out the relationship thing after the day is gone

But my question is, why do many people opt to remain singles? Especially learned ladies if not all, majority of those who extend their education beyond degrees opt to remain singles. Can somebody answer me please? Maybe am in the dark!