The sun is shinning bright

Its radiance can penetrate the sky without difficulty

All over sudden,

the bright rays are shadowed,

the clouds have started to gather up

a sign that the storm is coming.

No place to shelter, no fire to give me warmth

No soap to bathe, no clothe to wear

No one is willing to give me comfort

With my bare-footed legs and an empty stomach

I saunter from pit to pit to look for what to swallow

Dirty food is what enters me

the mucky places being my home

Sleeping in an open verandah like night guards.

My parents saw me jaundiced

That I was dunderhead and could not go to school as others

Ma-cue, everybody is gifted differently

But nature couldn´t allow it

Now I am in the streets,

I have no papa

I have no mama

I have no brothers nor sisters

I know no relative, I know no home

Street is my niche

Begging is what I know

How am I supposed to make it!



Down the autumnal lane you find them.

The mucky places of the country

makes their resting base.

Very lonely and hungry

With one purpose in mind;

Feed my stomach.

These are the world’s unsolved.

Not two, three, ten but very many

Day in day out there number keep hitting high

Age to age they are still there

Scattered all over the world

Wishing for a miracle to happen

And anyone who happen to pass them

With two-four legged,

Their hands are hopefully outstretched

Entreating those who saunter

With a low ‘Please help me’ voice tone from their sotto voce.

they stoop from pit to pit,

looking for what could have been thrown out

by those who buy much to see them expire.

Who will save these street urchins?

Not even those in power,world shakers

have been able to remove them.

Are these not who end up to form gangs?

Are these not who brutalize, rape, mug?

Which one is better?

To leave them grow up in streets and attack us

Or to find them homes?

It is time we all take responsibilities

Prevent all that leads to there increase.

For without them insecurity will be of the past

Without them our sisters will not be afraid of night walk.


You see them and ignore them

You pass them and think it normal

You meet them but run away

That them form part of the world

Them must be there;

But No!

And when they come for you

You cry them are bad!