The Ingrained Affair

The ingrained of a continuous valentine

Ladies go red men go black

Streets turn rainbow money buy roses

Hata kama uko kisolo

Don’t worry coz the sun never cease to rise up

You can just buy a flower holding with the right hand

and let the left hand receive

Mindful as long you keep the day sweet

This day is for you and me

For all those times I have hurt you

The days I wasn’t around

Close your eyes and let me carry you

Take you to the moon where

the sun does not scorch nor rain hit

You breath in my nose

Walks in my mind

Lives in my word

Blinks in my eyes

You are the best qualified candidate to run my universe

Ton… ton… ton… ton…

Those are the steps of Sheila my African beauty

She walks majestically towards me

and remains motionless for a while

Giving me the chance to stare at her

Admiring the ingratible creature in front of me

The beauty of a thousand angels combined

God must have taken His time to make such cuty

Just like the teardrops of a god so precious is she

Her face is like planet venus

Her sparkling eyes the twinkling stars

Her saliva like fresh banana juice

Putting a genial smile on her soft lips

Standing with her finely shaped breast forwardly stretched

She definitely opens her mouth and says

Come lets stick together my lolipop

Engulf your arms around me

And let me touch the mane of hairs on your chest

Your beards like those of a mighty deity

I can feel the flames of fire burning in me

The flames of passions of love

Lets dance swing swing swing as the cool music plays on

I just wanna hold you and lay you on my arms

We share the berries as love take control of us

Steadfastly I ask her’

Sheila, do you wanna kill me?

With a voice like many waters, she reply

Yeah baby, I want to kill you with love