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Voices, I hear voices

Small, weak utterances crying for help

Pleading, groaning, yelping

Fixing pain in my mind

Pressing the feeling of someone in need

Poverty being its backbone

like a church mouse

incarcerated by pauperism


Nature saw me jaundiced

In my eyes was the curse

That I was dunderhead

and couldn’t go to school

My parents were denied life

By their pleasures of life

Mama was men’s night nurse,

the world new her generosity.

she easily accepted injections

in exchange for money

and never satisfied by papas single dose

Papa was so rich

His many wives were his wealth

Both tried to chase life

ignorant of life’s emergent wings

Now street is what I know

Sleeping in mucky places

Cold creeping down my veins

Hungry, tired, naked, discomfort

Lonely like a desert rat

Always sorrowful

Looking desperate

Joy being a nightmare

Questions forming in my mind

Why? Why? Why?

Why specifically me?

Sometimes I just need a hug

A word of comfort

Someone to call mummy, daddy

Huh. I miss such words

To have a smile cracking my mask

But everyday full of tragic tears

Wishing for a miracle to happen

Hopefully outstretching my hands

Entreating the passers-by

But getting in return,

spatting, ignorance,seizing in jails!

Not your business!

My existence is not your business?

Even if I smell that is mine

At least I bathe when am rained on

While stooping from pit to pit

looking for what could have been thrown out

by those who buy much to see them expire.


MODERN LOVER’S LOUNGE – Starbucks is born


Eldoret has got its own place

I urge the world to come and see

Standing high and nigh

Stardom and gratuesque

So quiet with cool slight summer breeze

Winnowing wings of the wind flap

Beautiful butterflies flitting all over

Sweet jasmine scent smell

A painter will run out of ink

A poet short of words to describe

Even a mighty deity will agree with me

Just like the yellow radiance of the evening sun

In this so a wonder place heaven can’t be far

It’s a facsimile of Venus

Fairyland for couples

Felicitous for all ages


Best service awaits

Ample parking with leisure facilities

Executive employees who put customer interest at first

A place to quench the longing thirst

Infusing the joyride happiness

Putting the fabled real and fluffy

Your life wishes, making dreams come true

This is the place to be

This is ultimate heaven


Modern Lover’s Lounge – Starbucks is born

Speaking the facts: I say as it is

Politics politicize politicians or is it politicians who politicize politics? Whichever comes first, but in today’s society politics is taking a totally different tunnel. Not like the olden days where only popularity was what mattered, nowadays, you need to be competent with your campaigning method and plus ignorance which is of a kind of heredity that is hard to be removed, the wrong person ends up getting the job.

Sometimes I wonder as I listen to some of the promises our politicians make and a fellow Mwananchi is there, still standing with empty stomachs while the sun burning up their jaded faces listening to imaginable speeches. Things which can’t be assured if they would be done or not. You need to open both your eyes and ears wide and if possible also your mind. This is just a campaigning period and politicians can promise anything which they think will ensure they get elected. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to them, no, not at all but what I mean is that you should make your mind fancy-free and enable the entrance of profitable things rather than being ruined by a selfish individual who only thinks of him/herself. After all politics can’t be complete without such.

Lets have an example here, a politician promises to avail funds for the youth in case the youth votes for him/her. I have no problem with enabling youth funds, that is in fact a very excellent idea, but what is a concern is how one will get access to those funds. If you go to borrow as an individual, there is a high chance you might be turned down if you doesn’t have a sure way of paying it or lets say security. One who goes there with a big name is more likely to get the funds than you who is coming from the ghetto even though you got bigger ideas of using the money. Those who have been there will definitely agree with me, fair dinkum!

Secondly, people are gifted in different ways. There is that person who can achieve much doing a maize-roasting business than selling a malimali shop while there is one who is better in opening the malimali business than maize- roasting, but who is more likely to be given funds? Definitely it is the one whose business sounds better like Malimali while the other will be despised and these is where we don’t get it right. Hence on choosing your leader, as youths, choose someone who has a clear distinctive plan of the process that will be undertaken to ensure proper distribution and you from the mtaa will have easy access to those funds.

Touching on the issues of living standards, this is all directed to availability of food and its prices. Why food? Because it is a basic need for survival. If the prices of food is high, definitely one will have to forgone other things such as entertainment, transport e.t.c to avail enough money to buy food and these is why we see workers moving in the streets asking for increased payments since you can’t expect them to reschedule their living styles all over sudden! If the prices of food are cheap, one will easily budget his/her income to best suit her needs but when food is expensive, expect the prices of other things also to increase.

I would certainly urge, as you choose your leaders, choose wisely. Somebody who has a complete clear set of plans for a better living. For an increase in price of 1kg of unga won’t affect the life of a politician. Food will continue being available on his table and if possible, a politician will quickly pass laws to increase his salary or use some other means to get money; you know these means. but what of a common Mwananchi? You will continue making noises in the streets asking for a salary increment without any success year come year go. Sorry!


The sun is shinning bright

Its radiance can penetrate the sky without difficulty

All over sudden,

the bright rays are shadowed,

the clouds have started to gather up

a sign that the storm is coming.

No place to shelter, no fire to give me warmth

No soap to bathe, no clothe to wear

No one is willing to give me comfort

With my bare-footed legs and an empty stomach

I saunter from pit to pit to look for what to swallow

Dirty food is what enters me

the mucky places being my home

Sleeping in an open verandah like night guards.

My parents saw me jaundiced

That I was dunderhead and could not go to school as others

Ma-cue, everybody is gifted differently

But nature couldn´t allow it

Now I am in the streets,

I have no papa

I have no mama

I have no brothers nor sisters

I know no relative, I know no home

Street is my niche

Begging is what I know

How am I supposed to make it!


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Viewing lyrics for Humility by The Cinite.

When i sit on my throne i cry for you
When i look on you from heaven i cry for you
You are being destroyed for your ignorance ooh no
You are being destroyed for lack of knowledge
Have sent My prophets but in return you throw them stones
Have sent a message to you but you turn it back
In My throne where am seated i weep for you
In earth where have kept you
Humble yourself and cry to me

Father we come before you we ask for forgiveness
Though our sins be as red as scarlet they’ll be white as snow
Through humility and broken heart we come to you
Through humility and contrite Spirit ooh no

Humble yourselves in the site of the Lord He gonna lift you up ooh no
Humble yourselves in His presence he gonna save you ol ooh no
You have riches you have honors without humility they are nothing
You have gold silver and owns the whole world
Without humility they are nothing
Am a leader a King a president without humility it is nothing
Have beautiful wife handsome husband without humility my family gonna stumble
I have money but without humility it is useless ooh no
I have riches but without humility it is useless ooh yah
I have gold but without humility it is useless ooh no
Humility humility humility
I love you humility

Father we come before you we ask for forgiveness
Though our sins be as red as scarlet they’ll be white as snow
Through humility and broken heart we come to you
Through humility and contrite Spirit ooh no

I have a gift planted inside me the Holy Spirit
I water him everyday thus he bears fruit for me
Have misunderstandings with my wife husband have humility
Have misunderstandings with my husband wife have humility
Lest you all rise up with words and end your relationship
My boss is up against me and me know am not wrong
Humble yourself wait when she is happy you gonna let her know
Lest you also rise up at that time and end to loose your job

Father we come before you we ask for forgiveness
Though our sins be as red as scarlet they’ll be white as snow
Through humility and broken heart we come to you
Through humility and contrite Spirit ooh no

It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, it doesn’t matter who you are, what matters is what you are doing and where you are going.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             by cidni cinite

The Ingrained Affair

The ingrained of a continuous valentine

Ladies go red men go black

Streets turn rainbow money buy roses

Hata kama uko kisolo

Don’t worry coz the sun never cease to rise up

You can just buy a flower holding with the right hand

and let the left hand receive

Mindful as long you keep the day sweet

This day is for you and me

For all those times I have hurt you

The days I wasn’t around

Close your eyes and let me carry you

Take you to the moon where

the sun does not scorch nor rain hit

You breath in my nose

Walks in my mind

Lives in my word

Blinks in my eyes

You are the best qualified candidate to run my universe

Ton… ton… ton… ton…

Those are the steps of Sheila my African beauty

She walks majestically towards me

and remains motionless for a while

Giving me the chance to stare at her

Admiring the ingratible creature in front of me

The beauty of a thousand angels combined

God must have taken His time to make such cuty

Just like the teardrops of a god so precious is she

Her face is like planet venus

Her sparkling eyes the twinkling stars

Her saliva like fresh banana juice

Putting a genial smile on her soft lips

Standing with her finely shaped breast forwardly stretched

She definitely opens her mouth and says

Come lets stick together my lolipop

Engulf your arms around me

And let me touch the mane of hairs on your chest

Your beards like those of a mighty deity

I can feel the flames of fire burning in me

The flames of passions of love

Lets dance swing swing swing as the cool music plays on

I just wanna hold you and lay you on my arms

We share the berries as love take control of us

Steadfastly I ask her’

Sheila, do you wanna kill me?

With a voice like many waters, she reply

Yeah baby, I want to kill you with love

A Ballad for Shakina: A fallen Queen


She is the girl sitting next to me

Everyday she would come

Slam her bag on the table

Bang the computer in case it hesitated to start

Yawning continuously as if she never had breakfast

And I’ll sit there watching

Staring at her like statute

No single word coming from my mouth

It’s not that I was surprised

No. Not even did I consider it uncanny

But I admit I had begun to like it

It had formed part of my days

And without it doom and gloom will the day be

Day by day I started to like her

Not because of her actions any more

That had formed a strong root in my psych

But many things that can’t be ignored

Her gamine body

Stunning looks from her gleam eyes

Genial smile on her wide lips

Elegant walking style that was somehow infectious

Some may call me gallant

But it was her who took my heart away

Because she made me go gaga

One day Shakina came as usual

No bang no slam that day

My heart had to plead with her to do it

That it was a sign of knowing if she was happy

Still there was no response

Then she stood and towards me she came

Showing her white spiffy teeth

That never had I stopped admiring

And threw a white envelope on my table

Maybe a new style, I conjectured

‘You will continue rotting there’ she busted

It wasn’t a concern to me even if she called me hyena or cow

As long as she gave me her heart I had no problem

Then did I realized she had gotten a scholarship abroad

She was going to learn the white man’s magic

My eyes were dazzling as I build-up castles in the air

Knowing money will no more be a concern

I escorted her to catch a plane

Waving gaily towards me as I did the same

Though feeling pain in my heart

I watched the plane go guu guu like a small boy

Disappearing in the other end of the sky

And returned back to my work

No bang no slam a new lifestyle admitted

Not many days passed until I phoned her

‘I don’t speak bush any more I belong to a civilized world’

She said and bang the telephone again

Although I admitted to like the bang

It was not awesome that day

I needed an extra explanation ‘why’

Putting in remembrance

How we used to enjoy galantine and drink gin together

How we used to crunch garibaldi and enjoy the sound it made

How we used to play gavotted and let just the music flow

The many times she whispered how she loved me

Her kisses that set me in a whirlwind of emotions

Now she makes me look like a generation x

Not wanting any of me again

That I should wipe all those beautiful memories from me

Though it was hard I had no choice

Telephone number was changed

Civilized do no letter writing she had told me

After many years of traumatic pain

I received a call from the airport

Shakina my love was back

Leaving me in a tete-a-tete of whether to go or stay

But like I gave her farewell I should also do the welcoming

Maybe to see her for the last time and say goodbye

But what I saw left me staggered!

Is this Shakina or her phantom?

Two doctors stood there to support her not to fall

Take away your slapper from our land!

Is this now being civilized? I wondered.


100-rosescido.jpgValentine February as most people call it, refer it to be month of love. It is the month where we show those we cherish-respect how we care for and love them. It is also a month in which garden keepers who have been busy tilling their gardens look forward to and flower makers earn extra cash due to the high demand for flowers; and maybe because flowers are symbols of love.

Philosophers have connected this month with the violet flower and those born at it, amethyst as their birth stone but from my point of view, i will recommend red rose since it is the most preferred type of flower by majority which is somehow attractive.

Thousands of men and women will converge in different locations such as restaurants, five star hotels, beaches or any other great site to share their love and those who can’t afford the first class kind of enjoyment will do anything to show those they love how they care for them, and I guess those who love adventure would like to do anything connected to mountain climbing or something connected to nature.

As I begun to examine and look out on all these people, I realized that majority of them were singles. Some were looking for people to hang out with while others did that just to put a smile on their faces for a day and kick out the relationship thing after the day is gone

But my question is, why do many people opt to remain singles? Especially learned ladies if not all, majority of those who extend their education beyond degrees opt to remain singles. Can somebody answer me please? Maybe am in the dark!


Grandpa, I have seen a long black snake across our land

With a huge corde on it

Pakjin    Pakjin    Pakjin

Is the voice of sound it makes

Its breathe is smoke and fire

I don’t know where it comes from nor where it goes

But cataclysmic;

it made a halt

And i saw

Out from it came a man with sinister looks

His one hand was holding a loaded machine gun

With fingers at the trigger

While the other using to snuff up a tobacco.

He wore a metal over with heavy boots

And head covered under a broad-rimmed black hat

Standing like a scout on a parade.


I lingered before he waved to the corde

That responded with a loud noise, poooh

Gawking at it as it disappeared.

Conjured, grandpa?

I think it is war

They want to take up our land

Lets mend our bows

Lets sharpen our arrows and make them ready!

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